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Friday, July 22, 2011

Buckeye Wall Clock | Amish Handcrafted Clocks | Amish Clocks

Buckeye Wall Clock   Buckeye Wall Clock   $426.00  Buy Now
Buckeye Wall Clock

Our Buckeye wall clock uses a Seiko Precision Quartz battery operated movement with dual Westminster and Whittington Chimes.

The clock is influenced by the traditional simple Western style and measures 24-1/2” tall, 13-3/8” wide and 6-3/4 deep.

Features a dual Westminster and Whittington chime.

The Buckeye is Amish handcrafted from red oak and stained with medium stain as pictured. The Amish use woodworking and joinery techniques passed down form generations. You will find comparable looking clocks on the market at much lower prices; generally these will be imported, or mass produced cases using cheaper grades of wood, veneered plywood and even plaster. If you cannot see the actual wood grains it is probably a paint stain over cheaper material. Our Amish handcrafted clocks are built one at a time using only premium hardwoods.

The Buckeye is also available in natural Cherry; please select Cherry below to see the incremental price difference.

Clocks are packed and double boxed for shipping. Flat rate shipping within the Continental United States is $30. Please e-mail us for shipping outside the Continental United States for a shipping estimate.

Each clock is custom built with each order; please allow 3-4 weeks for completion and shipping.

Select your wood choice below.

* Buckeye Wall Clock Red Oak
* Buckeye Wall Clock Cherry + $20.

Buckeye Wall Clock  Buckeye Wall Clock  $426.00 Buy Now
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