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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hermel 8 Day Westminster Movement | Amish Handcrafted Clocks:

Hermel 8 Day Westminster Movement   Hermel 8 Day Westminster Movement   $269.00  Buy Now

A German made Hermel Westminster Chime movement at an incredible low price.  This is a clock builders or woodworkers dream come true!
This Amish clock builder is able to purchase in volume and now we can pass the savings on to you.
Hermel Westminster clock movement is completely assembled oiled and ready to install in your own custom made case.  This high quality mechanical strikes out the hours and plays partial melody on the quarter hour.  It plays Westminster melody on five tuned chime rods.
This is a high quality key wound Hermle Westminster Chime movement manufactured and imported directly from Germany. Hermle is the largest producers of German quality clock movements in the world today.  Hermle has the most movements being made, with the best part availability. Over one hundred years ago, Franz Hermle began manufacturing and selling mechanical clocks. Franz Hermle founded the Franz Hermle Clock Company located in Gosheim/Wuerttemberg, Germany in 1922.   Hermle provides a two-year warranty on the clock movement.

Flat rate shipping of $30 will be charged upon checkout.

Hermel 8 Day Westminster Movement  Hermel 8 Day Westminster Movement  $269.00 Buy Now

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