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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Got Dogs, Kids, and Skunks? Get ready for a late night crisis at your house or camp

The CCW Skunk Odor Eliminator Kit removes the odor in just minutes.

The skunk population is booming across the US. No wonder why, skunks breed like rabbits, and with so many parts of the nation now dealing with extreme drought situations, like all other animals, skunks are coming in closer to domesticated areas looking for water and food.

You may have yet to encounter the after effects of one of these little creatures, but you can get a pretty good idea of the terrible eye burning gagging stench that could end up at your back door, your camp or even into your carpets just by driving by one that has been hit on the road.  That odor will linger in your car for miles on down the road.  

It’s just nature, dogs love to chase things out of the yard, and you know it’s not going to be a good night when you see a skunk running across the yard with your dog at its tail.   When a dog gets skunked they will run and start rolling on the ground, or on anything including your carpets to get the odor off them. 
If you hunt, have hunting dogs, or just hike the woods and the country side, your odds are even greater to have an encounter with a skunk this season. Chances are it will be late at night or occur out in the middle of no where close to a store.  You need one of these emergency kits from CCW on hand.

Traditional wisdom has been to undergo a series of tomato juice baths, and to pretty much bury anything else hit by the spray.  On humans this meant clothes, shoes, and on dogs, collars and the expensive underground electric fence or training receivers.  And if the dog ran into the house hitting the carpet before you can catch them, well it was probably a night in a hotel and an expensive professional cleaning company that specializes in odor removal such as clean ups after floods and fires.

There are some recipes on line that will help, but it is still an all night venture of repeated shampoos, and cleaning. 

We live in an area where skunks are booming, it is not uncommon to have our dog skunked at least twice per year.  Occasionally she will bolt into the house after an encounter and start rolling in the middle of the living room carpet.

We found and have used a product for the past couple of years that will remove the odor within minutes off dogs, humans, cloths, carpets, and anything else that came into contact with the skunk spray. 
The product is so effective it will resolve a light encounter by washing the dogs face with it, meaning the dog can be back into the house our in your truck within minutes and your normal routine can continue.

We are so sold on this product that we now carry a complete kit for our back-to-basics and hunting customers at Cottage Craft Works and CCW Hunting and Hunting Calls. The SkunkOff kit is only $44.95 it includes an 8 oz bottle of soaker for concentrated areas, an 8 oz bottle of shampoo for pets and humans, and a 32 oz spray bottle for carpets, furniture, autos, and anything where a skunked dog or person came into contact with.

Order this emergency skunk removal kit for your home, your cabin, or to keep in the automobile for all your outdoor adventures where you, your kids, your dog just might come across the path of a skunk.

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