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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recapture all the family fun with a rubber band gun war

If you are looking for some family fun, but don’t want the mess and expense of paint ball guns check out this new rapid fire rubber band gun from CCW.

Cottage Craft Works has just unveiled its new CCW-MK50 Rubber Band Rifle.  It shoots one at a time or pull off machine gun style.  The totally redesigned rubber band gun by Cottage Craft Works is a jaw dropper as people witness it in action for the very first time. 

The CCW-MK50 can rapid fire up to 8- 7” 1/8” rubber bands.  Pull and shoot one at a time for those tactical shots, or pull all at once and spray out the rubber bands for those multiple targets.

The CCW-MK50  is a eight shot rubber band gun or it can be doubled up to shoot 16 at a time.  The CCW-MK50 comes with an assortment of rubber bands.  These rubber bands can be easily found in popular stores near you.  Only the 7"-1/8" file folder rubber band will shoot in the CCW-MK50.

The CCW-MK50 can be left unfinished, like the other rubber band guns on the market, or the realistic stock can be finished by the consumer.  Toys like this are being sold unfinished because of imposed finish certification requirements due to the issues found with imported toys.

The CCW-MK50 is made in the USA, using solid pine and plastic pipe used in homes for domestic water supplies.  It contains only one moving part and is built  for years and years of hard play time.

The CCW-MK50 is only available at Cottage Craft Works for $28.95, a $5 discount applies if two are purchased at the same time.

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