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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bicycle Trailer | Bike Cart | Bicycle Cargo Trailer

If you are thinking about using a bicycle to beat the cost of gasoline, or currently depend on a bicycle for day to day work functions, or just ride on the weekends for the exercise, adding a cargo trailer option will greatly expand your ability to use a standard bicycle for additional activities and functional trips.  A light weight aluminum bicycle-cargo-trailer can add versatility to your biking outings.  With 26" bicycle tires and light weight construction these carts roll easy and provide little resistance to your ride.  A cargo trailer with a quick release hitch allows it to be quickly connected to any bicycle so the trailer can be switched on and off to other riders going on a cross-country-bike- journey. Imagine being able to pack camping gear and food supplies for overnight stays for weekend outings, with out overloading your bicycle with back packs.

If you live in an area with restricted automobile traffic such as on a small island a bicycle-cargo-trailer makes going to the store for supplies and groceries an easy shopping trip.  No more trying to juggle a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread on the handle bars, with a cargo trailer you can haul a full two weeks of groceries and other supplies home in just one trip.

Beyond leisure a good bicycle cargo trailer can add so much productivity to those who depend on a bicycle for daily job routines.  Police and EMS can hook on one of these handy cargo trailers and bring emergency equipment into crowded events, and or shopping malls where regular vehicle traffic is off limits.  Warehouse workers and factory workers can cover so much more area on a bicycle, add a cargo trailer, and they can have tools, test equipment, and other supplies readily available to them at all times.  The bike and trailer combination makes filling orders much more quickly than walking and pushing a hand cart over a large warehouse building.  Bicycle couriers can add small parcel packages to the route expanding their business.  Street vendors can use the bicycle cargo trailer as a bicycle-vendor-cart to transport products in and out of events or areas with limited vehicle traffic, load up the bicycle cargo trailer with an ice chest and make it a mobile beverage center and vendor-cart for sporting events.

If you enjoy riding a bicycle for exercise, leisure or for work functions adding a light weight cargo trailer can make a real difference.  Add a vinyl cover and the cart becomes protected from surprise downpours and other elements.

Cottage Craft Works located at carries the ideal aluminum bicycle cargo trailer.  It features 26" tires, has a cargo box measuring 32" x 30" x 15" deep and has an optional vinyl cover. The trailer weighs only 32 lbs and is made entirely out of aluminum.  The trailer is industrial quality, and unlike other bicycle trailers which use a combination of fabric stretched over an aluminum tube frame, this trailer has an all aluminum bottom and sides.  This cart is made and used widely in the Amish communities who do depend on it for shopping trips and other chores.  Cottage Craft Works also carries other sizes of bicycle trailers, as well as a full back to basic general store, with all types of outdoor sporting goods.

All Aluminum Bike Cart.

All Aluminum Bike Cart.

Large Bike CartAll Aluminum Bike Cart. Use this heavy built cart to transport supplies in warehouse operations, police emergency response gear, vendor carts, or just going down to the local grocery store. It is prefect for Island living or where normal cars and trucks are restricted. Carts are built from light weight aluminum. The carts have a quick rubber donut hitch that hooks just under the bicycle seat. No additional hitch is needed on the bike, making these carts easily used on any bike. A Kick down stand is standard. Cart weights just 32 lbs and has 26" bike tires. Box measures 32" x 30"x 15" deep and has an optional vinyl cover listed below. Shipping is included in the price. Pictures also show our smaller bike cart.

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