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Monday, October 8, 2012

Off-grid products for the self-sufficient Kitchen

Off-grid products for the sustainable self-sufficient Kitchen

Non-electric self-sufficient products

Little-Dutch-Maid-Hand-Crank-MixerWhether you will depend on human power, wind power, solar or other alternative energy when the lights go out, Cottage Craft Works is your one stop non-electric general store providing alternative grid solutions for those seeking to find the refuge of a simpler self-reliant life style.

With over 5000 back-to-basic products requiring no electricity to operate Cottage, Craft Works carries products for the home, farm and ranch, kitchen, hunting, gun enthusiast, and sustainable builder.

Many of the products are built by the Amish who use them daily in their own off grid applications. Products are built to last as well, none of this planned lifespan to resale a product again. Products are built as they were in the early and mid 1900s with American pride, durability and quality.

The Little Dutch Maid Hand Crank Mixer pictured is just one example the heavy metal powder coated based is thick cast metal and not plastic as applicable are built today. It has a heavy duty gear box with harden metal gears. The hand crank is made from thick chrome plated steel so it is impossible to bend. The hub for the mixer to sit on is also made of thick metal and reminds you of a PTO drive shaft off a large piece of equipment. There is also a hand crank conversion Kitchen Aid mixer.

A large Stainless Steel drain board is a very hot seller for Cottage Craft Works, it allows large cooking pots, utensils, and food processing equipment to air dry, while the excess water runs back into the sink and not out on to the counter and down on the floor.

Cottage Craft Works carries a large selection of heavy duty Stainless pots, pans and cooking utensils. Old fashioned items that are still being made today such as the old time stove top drip and percolator coffee makers. You will also find the old time food choppers, and other food processing and canning equipment.

For those who like to cook outdoors you will find a large selection of cast iron pots, Dutch ovens, cooking tripods, grills and fire rings.

And for those looking for old time recipes for cooking all types of Amish home cooked meals you will find a large selection of cookbooks. Most all the Amish cookbooks also carry tips and recipes to deal with garden pest, make your own cleaning products, and natural care remedies.

You can even purchase Amish organic grain, flour, and cereals, including rolled oats and spelt low gluten products.
You can find these products at Cottage Craft Works .com

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