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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hand Push Garden Cultivators | American Made Garden Tools

In this day of cheaper imported products it sometimes becomes difficult to find good old fashion American made garden tools.

If you’re a weekend hobby gardener or a serious homesteader who depends on the garden for food the tools that you choose can make a world of difference in the work that it takes to have a successful harvest.

As we all age and have more time to spend in the garden the tools that we use also need to become more easier for us to handle.

A tool might look sturdy enough when you purchase it in the store but the facts become very apparent soon after you’re in the garden putting it to work.

When we look for great garden tools we go directly to the people who build and use the tools to sustain large families just as they were doing in the early 1900s.

We’re talking about the Amish communities who depend on garden tools to get the job done year after year.

The Amish depend on large garden harvest to sustain their families throughout the year.

The Amish use sturdy well made tools and if they can’t find them they begin to build or find someone who will build reproductions just like they remember from generations past.

Although a trip to Amish country is fun, for those who are not able to make the trip seeking these alternative garden tools you can find them at the back to basic store Cottage Craft Works

You will find a large selection of old fashion push hand cultivators and garden tools that you won’t find at your local hardware store.

The Classic Garden EZ-Till Cultivator is a favorite of many Amish women who like a small maneuverable garden cultivator to push.  It uses a 16” ball bearing rubber wheel and has the traditional hardwood handles that can be adjusted to heights.   It has standard 19” wide cultivator tines and optional furrowing shovel and cultivator blades.

The Weed & Till Rotary Garden Cultivator is equipped with the traditional cultivator tines,  but instead of having a front wheel the cultivator has a rolling metal drum made with sharp blades that helps to chops weeds forward of the tines.  The handle is made of 1” square tubing with a hardwood handle like the old reel mowers.  This cultivator also has an optional furrowing shovel.

 The Flip and Go Wheeled Garden Cultivator works well for those who don’t want to waste time taking attachments on and off.  This unique cultivator has the traditional garden tines as you would expect to see on a garden cultivator, but on top it has also has a garden plow attached that can be engaged by simply flipping the handles over.   The cultivator also has T screws to easily adjust the handle height between different users.

Wheel Hoe Cultivators are probably one the most durable user friendly garden cultivators on the market today.  They also provide the most options in attachments of any cultivator ever built.

These are actual reproductions of the famous Planet Junior Cultivators that dominated the market when almost every home in America depended on a backyard garden to supply their annual food source such as the Amish still do today.

The basic models begin with the Standard Single Wheel Hoe.  It uses a single wheel like most push cultivators.   The wheel is much smaller, thus it easier to maneuver around in the garden than the traditional.   

The attachments range from the traditional tines, plows, with the additions of various widths of slicing blades, sweeps, harrow disk and even a garden seed planter.

The plows can be purchased in a right and left hand set that allow you to hill up planting rows or open up the row to plant potatoes. 

The Double Wheel Hoe model uses all the same attachments.  It allows you to straddle the rows of  new plantings to cultivate both sides at the same time.

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