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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Replacement Tub Center

If you've been pulling your hair out looking endless on the Internet to find a replacement tub center you can find them at Cottage CraftWorks .com

Many with perfectly good white mountain ice cream freezers are unable to use them simply because this little but critical part has deteriorated  away and no one seems to have them except Cottage Craft Works.

Replacement tub center fits the older white mountain freezers.  This is the small part that sits in the bottom of the tub  for the  canister to spin on.

The original tub centers were made of cast metal that over the years rusted down from repeated  contact with the salt water.

Even better the new replacement tub center can’t rust.  It has been designed out of a tough durable delrin poly and comes with stainless steel screws.

This is the same poly material that is being used in commercial food processing equipment for bearings and glide blocks.

Cottage Craft Works .com also has most all the other replacement parts for the White Mountain freezers including electric motors, gear housings, wooden tubs, dashers and the stainless cans.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique general store that still carries many of the old fashion products and replacement parts.

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