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Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Drainer Boards | Dish Drain Rack Board

These heavy commercial duty drain boards slant down to the sink.  Unlike the flat drain trays, these drain boards allow water from wet dishware to drain down into a home style kitchen sink and not run out on to the counter and floor.

These hard to find drain boards are Amish made and used by the Amish in their own homes.
Since the Amish have large families with no mechanical dishwashers they process mounds of dishes, pots, pans and utensils after each meal.

The large Stainless Steel drain board not only holds a standard drying rack it allows room on the side to also dry long cooking utensils.   The large 20-1/2” x 18-/4” foot print provides ample area for large sheet pans that tilt out of a drying rack to catch the drip off.

Remove the rack and dry those over sized commercial style pots and pans.

Drain board also serves as an extra work area to wash off vegetables and other food items when using a colander.

The mill finish stainless steel fits in even the most upscale kitchens to match other stainless cooking equipment.

Rolled edges provide a smooth metal edge for daily use and cleaning.

Standard size ships quickly, custom sizes are also available with a 3-4 week build time. 

These drain boards are also being used in commercial kitchens and food trucks to satisfy the health department requirements for additional air drying space.

A smaller powder coated all aluminum drain board is also available.  Measuring 14-1/4”  x 20-3/8” size this economy drain board still provides a good drain off underneath standard size drainer racks.

The powder coated all aluminum drain board is  also small and compact for limited kitchen counter spaces.  Perfect for apartments, RV’s and summer cottages.

Standard color is white, you can even have them made with custom colors for bold retro décors!

These drain boards are only available at Cottage Craft  Cottage Craft Works is a unique back to basics general store that searches out these hard to find  functional products to offer to the general public. 

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