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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet Corn Silk Cleaner | Motorized Drill Powered | Corn Silk Remover

Removing corn silk from freshly harvested sweet corn can be a breeze with this drill powered sweet corn cleaner from Cottage Craft Works.

For generations hand brushing the sweet corn ears was the normal routine  if you wanted to rid the corn of that bothersome corn silk strings that ended up between the teeth.

It’s a simple rather inexpensive gadget that chucks into either a stationary drill press or into a portable hand drill using the stationary model.

A special designed rotating brush provides just enough stiffness to sweep out the corn silk without damaging the delicate corn kernels.  

Using a battery powered drill this little gadget can be used almost anywhere that sweet corn is being processed, making it perfect for picnics or backyard barbecues distant from electrical outlets.

The drill press model just uses the brush while the stationary model uses an Amish made wooden stand.

The stand can be screwed down to a table or clamped using a c-clamp on the corner of a table or stand.
After the husk is remover, the ears can be cleaned from end to end or side to side.  The brush bristles will not harm finger either. 

Both sweet corn cleaner models can be purchased at CottageCraft Works .com

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