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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hand Push Reel Mowers | New Mowers USA Old Fashion Quality

High quality USA made reel mowers are still available today.  Ideal for small to medium size yards where storage for gas and gas powered equipment is just not available.

Reel mowers are very environmental friendly to reduce your carbon foot print.  They are also very neighbor friendly with no noisy engine.

Reel Mowers were the only way to mow yards before the invention of the gas powered lawn mower.
The mower uses a rotating bank of blades to clip off the grass.  

As the mower is pushed the wheels engage the blades which are geared to turn much faster than the mower is being pushed.

Like most old fashioned products over the years reel mowers have been transferred to the import manufacturer.  And like most imported items the use of cheaper components to keep the price point lower provides a product that  just doesn't seem to perform  or last as long as the original models.

Imported reel mowers seem to push harder and loose the sharpness of the blades quicker.

A trip through Amish communities is a good test of those products that work and those that don’t.  You won’t likely find many imported reel mowers in use since the Amish purchase items that will last a very long time.

When the Amish are unable to find quality reproduction products of the originals they begin to manufacture them to use themselves and to sell within the Amish communities.

Clipper USA is an Amish manufactured reel push mower.  It is available in a 17”, 19” and 21” model. And comes with an unheard of 10 year warranty.

You might call the Clipper the old fashioned Cadillac of reel mowers.   The parts are all USA made using heat harden steel cutting blades and thicker metals than used on the cheaper imports.

They are easy to push, easy to adjust with just one knob and easier to maintain.  Best of all they take up very little space and can even be hung on a wall. 

 You can even purchase them with larger wheels for different turf grasses.  An  optional grass catcher is also available. 

Quality does come at a price expect to pay a little over $600 for something that will be the last mower you will ever need to buy.

You can purchase the Clipper USA at Cottage Craft Works .com

 Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics sustainable living general store with all types of simple gadgets and products to live more self-sufficient.

With over 5000 products people can find some old fashioned hard to find products that are just not available anywhere else.


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