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Friday, November 14, 2014

Ice cream freezer replacement tubs | Replace wooden tub with fiberglass

Insulating fiberglass 6 quart tubs from Immergood are better than the OEM tubs used on White Mountain and Country Freezers.

This insulating tub is leak proof and holds ice cream much longer.  Optional matching fiberglass insulating lid  even allows you to make ice cream and then hold for outdoor events hours later.

Newer fiberglass blends make these tubs even more durable than the fiberglass used on earlier freezer tubs.

Replace an old wooden White Mountain or Country Freezer tub with a new Amish made heavy duty insulating fiberglass tub.

Replacement Immergood tub includes new heavy duty positive locking stainless tub ear and latch.

Developed and manufactured by an innovative Amish company, the new Immergood fiberglass tubs are the refined next generation of old fashion style ice cream maker.

While Immergood is sold in the local Amish community stores, to find one online you will need to go to Cottage Craft Works .com   They are currently only available in the 6 quart model. has unique relations with the Amish communities providing them a market place for their durable products.  While most think of the Amish making quilts and great homemade cooking, you might be surprised at just how many functional old time products  that are available at the touch of a key board for the home, farm, ranch, and garden.

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