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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Best-Economical-USA- Ice cream freezer | Ice Cream | Churn | Maker

The problem with purchasing an ice cream freezer today is the quality of the parts and overall durability.

Manufactures’ have become so focused on the discount and big box store frenzy  that they have totally lost sight of the ice cream loving family or other social groups that will be making homemade ice cream more than a once a year event.

Immergood Ice Cream Freezers are the next generation to the old fashion ice cream freezer. 

For homemade ice cream lovers the Immergood Freezer provides old fashioned quality and durability with a modern day twist. 

New innovative durable fiberglass tub is equipped with heavy stainless positive latching tub ear and latch.  Unlike older fiberglass tubs made over the years these new Immergood tubs also have the advantage of new stronger blends of fiberglass that make them even more durable to last for generations.

Previously to jump back into time to find a freezer with commercial durability for frequent ice cream making events people would need to purchase an Amish made Country Ice Cream Freezer.

Country Freezers are made by the Amish who really don’t care about the discount store competition; they just build things the old fashion way to last a few generations.

Immergood is also an innovative Amish company that has taken the old style ice cream freezer and improved on it. 

The fiberglass tub allows the Immergood price point to be much less than a comparable sized Country Freezer, yet the improvements are much more notable.

The fiberglass tub also has a matching tub cover that will hold ice cream for hours after it is made.  Some even report holding it over for days in the freezer tub.

Beyond the problems inherit with wooden tub freezers; Immergood has also focused on other key elements to add to the improvement listings.

Stainless steel gears with nylon bushings on the hand crank models are much more durable than on the Country Freezers.  See this Video done by a owner of both comparing Immergood to Country.

An all stainless steel positive cam lock tub latch is the first thing that new Immergood owners notice, and for good reason.  When ice cream begins to reach its ready state the freezer head becomes harder to crank or run with an electric motor. 

A loose fitting tub latch allows the head to move around creating more wear on the components and more effort for the freezer to finish the ice cream.

Made in Lancaster County Pennsylvania Immergood Freezers even come with their own serial numbers.

You don’t need to go to the Amish country to find them as they are sold on line at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works is a self-sufficient living back to basics general store hosting hard to find Amish made products for home, ranch, farm, garden and hunting.

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