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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Amish Compact Wash Line-Clothesline Pulley Kit

Pulley equipped clothesline allows easy access to outdoor clotheslines without ever having to step off a back porch. 

This becomes a rather significant advantage for those who don’t want to tramp through and track in wet grass and mud from an early morning dew. Even more so for those who totally depend on outdoor clothes drying year round even with deep snow on the ground.  

The concept of a pulley driven clothesline concept is not new. Pulley mounted clotheslines were widely used between multi story apartment buildings long before automatic clothes dryers were available.

The operator can stand in one place preferably at the back door to the laundry room and completely load and unload a clothes line.

The Amish have taken the pulley concept a bit farther. Having large families and multiple wash loads the Amish have built a heavy duty pulley system to extend a clothesline up to 150’ away from the house.

The outbound pulley can be mounted high up on a building or post to allow the clothes to be well elevated up off the ground out of reach and conflict of other activities and animals in the yard.

There’s even an optional elevator pulley system to raise the operator pulley so that it also lifts the clothesline up and out of the way on the house end.

Cottage Craft is a unique back-to-basics general store providing hard to find old fashioned products used before electricity was widely made available.  

Many of the products are handpicked from deep within the Amish communities from all across the US where they are still being made just like they were at the turn of the Century. 

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