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Sunday, November 29, 2015

USA Water Well Pitcher Pumps and Parts, Heller Aller

Popular Amish USA made brass cylinder shallow well picture pumps have been pumping fresh potable water since 1886.

Those who depend on a hand pitcher well pump have relied on Heller Aller pumps to deliver for centuries.

Whether you live off grid, have one as a backup, or just use a pitcher pump up at the cabin you know that one cannot go without fresh water.

While many imported pumps have flooded the market; unless they are being purchased for ornamental displays, those who have purchased them soon find out they are not dependable and parts are not even available to match metric sizing.

Cottage Craft is a supplier of old fashioned hard to find products for homesteading and living off the grid sells all the USA made Heller Aller pumps and complete parts to rebuild them.

This is rather refreshing in today’s merchant frenzy to just sell products without the old fashioned support to get the parts and leather repair kits should one become damaged.

The PHB brass cylinder force pump is the most popular shallow well pump sold today.  It allows water to be pumped up to an overhead tank for gravity flow.  The PHB can also be used in line to a shallow well electric pump to pull water in case of electrical outages.

The Fig-T brass cylinder pump is a traditional shallow well pitcher pump ideally used at a sink side.

Cottage Craft can also provide you all your deep well hand pumps including windmill and force pumps.

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