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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Clothes drying rack, folding, wheel, wall mounted, portable clothesline

Whether you’re living off grid, don’t own a clothes dryer or are just wanting to save some money, our old fashioned clotheslines and drying racks can save you a bunch of energy grabbing dollars per year.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a sustainable living back-to-basics general store with many Amish clothesline, drying rack, and wheel clothes line options.

Air drying clotheslines are a necessity for some living off grid, a convince for others who don’t want the hassle of dry cleaning and a way to feel more energy efficient while reducing their carbon foot print for many.

A clothesline can be as simple as stringing a rope or wire between two substantial objects such as a structure, a pole or a tree.  Although trees seem to harbor birds and while birds are great to have around they are not so popular dropping on freshly washed clothes.

Cottage Craft Works .com offers a wide variety of clothes dryers for both indoor and outdoor use.  These clothes drying racks and lines are mostly made in the USA by Amish and used in the Amish self-sustaining way of life.

Folding clothes racks either self standing or wall mounted are also very handy and functional for drying wet coats and gloves making them perfect for mud rooms and entries.

Almost every household can use a clothes drying rack or clothesline. Many different types and styles are available even for the most compact spaces in homes and apartments.

Denim jeans, blankets, coats, and other heavy weight items can be hung to air dry instead of taking over an hour to dry in traditional clothes dryer. 

Drying racks can are also multi functional for other drying needs on a homestead such as drying flower herbs, noodles, and more

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