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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stainless Steel Drainboard

Our extra large home kitchen stainless steel drainboard is USA Amish made. Tired of those flimsy plastic drainboards?  This stainless steel drainboard will hold heaps of dishes, large pots, pans and cooking utensils.

Our popular standard home kitchen sink stainless steel drainboard is used by single or empty nest couples who don’t routinely have enough dishes to run a dishwasher. Drainboards are a basic necessity for those living in homes without dishwashers, or for off-grid kitchens.

These old fashioned drainboards could be found in most home kitchens at the turn of the century before electricity was made available to the common household.  Families large and small would hand washed dishes and other cooking utensils and then stacked them up on dish drying racks to air dry.

Without a drainboard to catch the water droplets under the dish racks water ran out and over the counter top and down the cabinet fronts and out on to the floor.

Many homes were equipped with kitchen sinks with a built in drain board, others relied on a slanted drain board like these to catch the droplets and channel the water back into the kitchen sink.

Over the years drainboard manufactures have cut corners to save money ending up with smaller flat plastic drainboards. The plastic drainboards sit flat on the kitchen counter with no slope to drain back into the kitchen sink. They are also not very attractive often sold with a plastic dish drainer rack that will only hold a small amount of dishes at a time.

Our Amish drainboards are not something that you will want to stuff under the kitchen sink when company comes. In fact your company will likely enjoy helping to cleanup during the holidays and then ask where they can also find one for their home.  

This stainless steel will fit at home in stainless steel kitchens and our decorator drain boards will fit at home in kitchens with black appliances.

The Amish who still live as people did at the turn of the century, living off grid with no dishwashers preparing meals daily for large families.  Like many of our products, we find them being made deep in the Amish communities and bring them to the general public via our online back-to-basics general store.

Stainless steel drainboards are one of our most popular functional use products that we sell. We offer them in either a closed back, with a back lip or an open back without the back lip.  The open back is a bit cheaper to make so we pass on the savings to our customers. Those who might need to also use the drain board to spray off dishes or to double as another prep area will appreciate the back lip when spraying off vegetables as well as flat ware.

With the popularity of these drainboards for close to a decade now we have also been asked to make and offer a decorator series drainboard for granite counter tops. These powder coated drainboards are available in cooper vane or black granite.

We also make stainless steel drainboards in custom sizes to fit a variety of different applications from larger to smaller, side drain to small commercial and food truck users.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a sustainable living back-to-basics general store offering old fashioned functional use items that are still being made and used in the Amish communities.  Scrolling through the online store of old fashioned products is like taking a trip back in time.

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