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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spring Fever Landscape Woodworker Wagon Kits

If you’re getting a touch of spring fever for the garden and outdoors consider building one of these cute scaled replica wood wagons, peddler-market carts or wheelbarrow. 

These wagons and carts will make the perfect spring gift or a nice display for your own yard or garden space.

Large wagon boxes will hold an ample display of flowers and plants. Old fashioned replica buckboard wagons, express wagons or peddler carts will bring back those nostalgic times while providing functional uses.

Wagon and cart kits include the plans, the metal wheels and the stub axles to build these fun ornamental displays.

You supply the wood for your specific purpose. Use treated lumber for exterior applications to even hardwoods for interior furniture or store displays.

Cottage Craft has assembled a large selection of wood working kits as well as complete ready-made ornamental wagons and carts.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line country store bringing back old fashioned vintage products.

Cottage Craft Works also offers other woodworking kits and hardware to build sewing cabinets, a replica J & P Coats spool cabinet as well as full sized wagon and buckboard seats.

                                                       Vendor Cart Plans & Wheel Kit

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