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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Scooter Kick Bike Ultimate Workout

Colorful push scooters as seen on TV exercise commercials and Amish shows; push scooters use regular bicycle wheels with a standing platform. 

They help deliver low impact calorie burning squats and improved balance. Riders push back with one foot and then glide along.  

Some riders who are not able to mount and ride a regular bicycle such as disabled or stroke victims have found that a push scooter bike gives them back the freedom and enjoyment of cycling. 

The low foot boards allow for a routine cadence as the rider scoots along as they would ride a regular bicycle.

Push scooters are available in all sizes from kids 12” all the way up to adult 20” and 24” wheel sizes.  High pressure racing tires are preferred by adult scooter enthusiast who feels they provide less resistance.  

Some prefer a combination of a larger wheel on the front such as a 24” and a smaller wheel on the back such as a 20”. They feel it helps to improve the overall ride and maneuverability.

For those hard core scooter kick bike enthusiasts light weight all aluminum versions are also available.

Scooter Kick Bikes are available with baskets, kick stands, lights and safety flags just like a regular bike.

Best of all these workout machines are easy to maintain there’s no chains, or gears to mess with.

USA made scooter kick bikes are made and used in the Amish communities. The Amish depend on these human powered transporters for short trips to town, school and work.

Cottage Craft is an online emporium of hard to find USA Amish made products. Amish scooter kick bikes are one of the best selling products at Cottage Craft Works online general store.

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