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Monday, June 6, 2016

Off Grid Water Well Pumps | Deep, Shallow Well, Cistern Pumps

Deep and shallow well, cistern pumps. Cast iron hand and pitcher pumps, USA made since 1886.

When people are living off the grid or looking for an emergency backup water well pump they need to look no further than the old-fashioned time proven cast iron Heller Aller well pumps still being made in America now  for over 130 years.

Fresh potable water is an absolute necessity for everything living. You will find all types of cast iron hand pumps on the market. Some of them are made to pump water others are made to be a pretty ornamental landscape d├ęcor pump. Most of them are imported not always dependable and often nearly impossible to find repair parts.

Cottage Craft is a full line old-fashioned  general online store that caters to those living self-sufficient off-grid. Cottage Craft Works carries the famous Heller Aller water well pumps plus all the replacement parts to keep them going for generations to come.

The products at Cottage Craft Works are mostly made and used in the Amish communities. The Amish are back-to-basic sustainable living people who fully depend on long lasting durable made functioning dependable products.

Heller Aller pumps are widely used in the Amish communities and others living in remote locations where grid power is not readily available.

The 50L Heller Aller Deep well force pump is one of the most commonly purchased pumps. It can be used with just the long handle, a pump jack or attached to a windmill. A force pump means that it is capable of pumping water uphill to a reservoir,  stock tank or overhead water tank in a home to later use as a gravity feed water supply.

The 190-A lift pump or the 192-A windmill pumps are ideal for shallow wells primarily in the 15’ to 20’ range. Slightly deeper installations may be accomplished with the addition of a foot valve. Both pumps provide a very user-friendly serviceable pump that is well constructed, pumps a large amount of water and are rather economical to purchase.

Heller Aller also makes an offset well cap for 6" allowing both a submersible electric pump and a hand well pump to be used at the same time.

For a good pitcher water pump, Heller Aller offers two great  brass cylinder options. 

The PHB pitcher pump is by far the most popular because it also serves as a force pump to pump water up to a holding tank to be used later gravity feed. The PHB will also withstand water pressure against an electric submersible pump. Many have installed a PHB inline from a shallow well to the house to use as an emergency well pump should the electricity goes out. This type of installation works best if the PHB can be located at a low point such as a basement to be able to pull water from the well.

The Fig T brass cylinder pitcher pump is also a popular pump used next to a sink indoors or outdoors for gardening, food prep and fish cleaning stations. It is a heavy duty straight forward direct source hand pump built to last.

Many zoos, living history farms, and children museums are using the Fig T because of its durability for visitors to get a feel of how an old-fashioned hand pump operated. Kids can be very brutal on things especially when they are in an age group with peers on school outings. This is why the Fig T is a good choice for these locations.

Both the PHB and Fig T can be easily drained by lifting the handle in case of freezing temperatures.
Cottage Craft Works has all the pump parts to repair or rebuild the older Heller Aller pumps.

To learn more about these old time workhorses and to view the available options Click Here go directly to the pump section at Cottage Craft Works.

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