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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Homemade Ice Cream Maker | Amish USA Made

Serious homemade ice cream enthusiast turn to Amish USA made ice cream makers because they know the Amish build things to use often and to last for years.

Like most products that have become caught up in the discount store price wars; imported off the shelf ice cream makers just are not holding up for serious semi monthly or weekly homemade ice cream family events.

These imported machines might work fine for a once a year family gathering but to make several gallons as often as the Amish make homemade ice cream those imported makers just don’t hold up for very long.

Country Freezers are Amish made and have been the king of the ice cream freezers used in the Amish communities for decades.  They are available in sizes as small as small as 1 qt to 20 qt. Country Freezers feature the nostalgic white oak stave barrel s with a thick stainless steel can, and heavy duty nickel plate dasher for up to the 8 qt size. The 8 and 20 qt uses a stainless steel dasher.  The 20 qt can even be ordered with NSF approval stamp.

Country Freezers have traditional been made as a hand crank but in more recent years companies are retro fitting the White Mountain electric motors on the 6 qt models. Country Freezer has also introduced their American made electric motor. Since the motors are being made in small quantities they are rather expensive.

Another Amish company has introduced the Immergood Ice Cream Freezers and in many ways has even further raised the bar on Country Freezers. Immergood has combined years of experience in using the older White Mountain freezers along with the Country Freezers. Their more practical use approach has been to get rid of the more expensive oak tub and to replace it with a super insulated double wall poly tub that will not leak over time. They have even developed an insulated cover to place over the top of the tub after the ice cream has been made to hold it for hours.

Immergood has also wisely placed great emphasis in improving the tub ear and tub latch system that has all become nonexistent on the imported freezers. The frustrations of the continuing gear frame wobbling and jumping out of the slots when the ice cream began to harden on other models brought Immergood to a positive latching cam lock system. The tub ear and latch are made of heavy stainless steel that is probably an overkill in design but very common to Amish made products that are just made to last.

Immergood also uses stainless steel gears on the hand crank models and like Country Freezers have a heavy duty can, and nickel plate dasher. Immergood also did away with the wooden scrapers and use a food grade white poly used to make bearings and slides in food processing equipment.

Immergood is only available in 6 qt and 8 qt models.  The 6 qt can be purchased with a White Mountain electric motor or upgraded with a Country Freezer motor. Immergood has a USA motor in development. The 8 qt only comes in hand crank at the moment.  A complete stainless steel gear frame, dasher, and can are also available in the 8 qt.

Cottage Craft Works carries both of the Amish Country and Immergood Ice Cream Freezers as well as all the accessories and parts. They were the first company to introduce Immergood to the general public. While some others are now selling Immergood freezers they are not offering the two sizes or all the accessories.

Cottage Craft Works also offers all the replacement parts for White Mountain freezers including Amish made upgrade tub latches, ears and tub centers.

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