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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

USA made garden tools

Made in the USA garden tools are used by sustainable living Amish families. When the family garden is depended upon to supply large families with fresh organic grown vegetables the Amish don’t rely on cheaply made imported garden tools.

For them gardening tools have to hold up and keep sharp cutting edges anything less just won’t cut the mustard when growing and cultivating a family garden is at stake. 

Regrettably many people who dream of growing their own food year after year will short cut the process and purchase cheaper made imported garden tools.  They fatigue quickly because the cutting edges quickly dull or the tool comes out of the handle after just a few times in the garden. 

Growing a garden is hard and does require a lot of physical activity but without the proper tools some will just end up throwing in the towel and giving up on the idea.

Over the decades many reproduction garden tools have been copied by importers which just don’t function as well as the originals.

Stores like Cottage Craft Works provide direct access to the same old fashioned garden tools being used in the Amish communities.  Most of the tools are still made one at a time in small Amish factories.

Cottage Craft Works offers three different Amish made hoesand eight different styles of hand push garden cultivators including child and lady friendly sizes. The Wheel Hoe garden cultivators patterned from the after the old time Planet Junior  are considered the Cadillac of hand push cultivators and have the most available options for the serious gardener.

You can also find canning and preserving equipment as well as hobby farming equipment such as a garden line row builder for compact tractors, sprayers, orchard equipment, cider presses, supplies and so much more.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line general store chocked full of old fashioned vintage favorites for the self-sufficient home, garden, farm or ranch.  A large department is dedicated to hunting calls, gun accessories including replacement gun stocks.

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