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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

USA Made Water Bottle Crock Cooler

Old fashioned pottery water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks are still being made in the USA just like they were being made at the turn of the century. In the wake of concerns of community water supply safety the lead and cadmium free clay and glazes make these hard to find crocks in high demand.

These are not the imported ceramic water bottle dispensers that are easy to find rather, these are the old time hand turned pottery crocks that were being widely used before electricity and refrigeration was made readily available in the US.  

Water temperatures will not be as cold as a refrigerated drinking fountain but the thick pottery does provide some cooling giving these the name of water coolers before the more common electric water coolers were ever invented.  

Cottage Craft Works www is an online general store providing an emporium of old time products for those who have a quest to return to simpler made in the USA products.

Water coolers and water bottle crocks are available in traditional blue stripe or you may choose from an assortment of custom colors and patterns. Crocks may also be personalized.

Water coolers are available in sizes from 1-3 gallon sizes. Water bottle crocks hold 2 gallons and come with a lid to use with our without a water jug.  Most use them with 5 gallon plastic water jugs. 

 The company provides instructions to make a protective ring to use with glass water bottles which, is refreshing as you don’t need to purchase an expensive plastic ring in addition.
You will also find other old fashioned pottery and cookware from this unique online store that specializes in small American made businesses and craftsmen.  90% of the products come directly from Amish businesses.  

Cottage Craft Works also provides an outlet for other small cottage based businesses making and crafting these old fashioned vintage products. The crocks are made by a small non-Amish company in Texas.

You can find Home Goods consisting of sewing cabinets, Amish made furniture, self sufficient living products such as non-electric gadgets and clothes drying racks. Farm & Garden consisting of old fashioned hand push garden cultivators, roller egg chicken nesting boxes, livestock products, water well pumps, horse and buggy items and reproduction wagons and wheelbarrows. The Kitchen and Food Prep tab takes you into all kinds of old fashioned kitchen gadgets including hand crank mixers, egg beaters, ice cream makers, dairy processing equipment and non-electric appliances. This is the tab where you will find the USA pottery and the water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks.

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