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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kick Scooters, Kick Bikes are easy and fun to ride for all ages

Scooters look like a bicycle but have an open standing foot board in place of the seat and pedals. Riders propel using one foot to push back.
US kick scooter bike enthusiast is finding USA Amish made kick scooters to be a great equivalent to the European models.
They can enjoy the benefits of a kick scooter without having to pay the hefty prices for the imported European models.

One of the more popular European 26/20 aluminum kick bikes is not even available in the US.
The US Amish made LA MX 26/20 Aluminum Kick Scooter may not look as sleek as the Finnish Max 26/20 model.

However, for the price and many of equivalent features it defiantly is something to look at.
US Amish scooters use wheel sizes ranging from 12" up to 26”.
The larger sizes even have aluminum racing rims and high-pressure tires.
These are a far cry from those little Red Radio scooters that many of us grew with as a kid.
Larger wheeled kick scooters are also more practical over the small aluminum sidewalk scooters.
The Amish scooters can take you down standard bike paths and just about anywhere else that you might ride a standard bike.
You can also get from point A to point B in about a third of the time as walking.
A push scooter or kick bike is called such because the rider uses a push and kick back motion with one leg to propel forward.
There's no seat or pedals, just an open footboard to stand on and kick from.
Standard bicycles with their narrow seats are not the most comfortable for some people to ride, especially as they become older.
Climbing on and then trying pedal and balance a traditional bike is also an issue for many who have aging issues.
Many who enjoyed biking have just given up the prospects of ever riding again.
Kick scooters just might allow those to enjoy biking once again.
They are easy to step on and off the platform, even with a full skirt.
Like most things one product does not fit all
One group of Kick Bikers who enjoy the sport of racing kick bikes want them just for off road extreme sports.
This is one of the exciting aspects of kick biking that has made the European models so popular.
Like fine European automobiles, European manufacturers promote their kick bikes for racing in extreme sports.
The Amish kick scooters are probably not the best suited for this type of off-road use.
They are built for the more casual and conservative users.
History of the Amish kick scooters
The Amish kick scooters have been used by the Pennsylvanian Amish since the mid-1970s.
From Amish children to adults you will see Amish families in Pennsylvanian using these kick scooters for trips to school, town, and work.
You may have even seen them on some of the recent television shows about the Amish communities located in Pennsylvanian.
Local Amish church leaders prescribe the rules on how the Amish will use transportation devices and how they will be designed.
For whatever the reason, they have banned the use of a peddled bicycle in the Pennsylvanian Amish communities.
In one Amish community in Pennsylvanian, the Amish Bishop will only allow his members to use the smaller 12" scooters.
In that area of Pennsylvanian, you will only see the smaller scooters being used by both children and adults.
Other Amish communities such as in Ohio and Indiana allow standard bicycles.
Kick Bikes may provide a good work out
For those who would like to up their calorie burns over walking but are just not into running or riding a traditional bicycle, a kick scooter just may be the answer.
You can walk alongside a kick scooter, step on and scoot and then walk again as many time as you want to alternate your workout routine.
Kick scooters are not required to maintain a certain speed to balance either.
They are very low to the ground so that a person can just step off when they rather walk a bit or jump back on and speed up the calorie burn.
Kick scooters may also provide a good core body workout with the motions required to push off and scoot. If one leg gets tired the rider can switch over and kick push with the opposite leg.
Those who have had a partial stroke or knee injury may find that a kick scooter allows them to keep one leg more stationary while they use their good leg to propel.
The Amish kick scooters provide the lowest ground clearance on the market.
This is very important in having less fatigue while not having to use the foot and leg to reach as far down as pushing back off a higher platform.
This also may cause less stress on the stationary leg and knee that often occurs when the body must stoop further down in order for the propelling leg and foot to touch the ground and cycle through the push.
Push scooters may appear hard to use, but were probably one of the first bikes that we learned to ride as a kid.

For those who just want to have a nice ride, learning the glide pattern is when you hit the sweet spot.
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