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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Stainless Water Hydrant Resist Air, Water, Soil Corrosion

Commercial quality stainless steel water hydrant resists corrosive atmosphere elements from saltwater coastal areas and acid corrosive soil conditions.

Made with a heavy duty stainless steel standpipe, stainless foot valve, stainless valve rod and stainless cam lock handle the Amish USA made 401 Freezless Water Hydrant is truly a stainless-steel hydrant while others may have a stainless-steel pipe and rod, they still use a brass foot valve that is problematic in some alkaline soils.

Corrosive conditions either by salt water or high acid containing soil conditions can destroy traditional galvanized pipe and brass foot valve water hydrants in very short time. Making them very costly and an inconvenience to replace especially when they are surrounded with a concrete slab or in the dead of winter when the frost line is difficult to penetrate for replacement.

Traditional water hydrants can also become very difficult to open and shut especially by children and women who routinely use them for daily animal watering and gardening.

Commercial applications such as parks and RV resorts depend greatly on frost proof water hydrants and generally find that the traditional water hydrants can become a maintenance nightmare when they are available for public use.

The Amish made 401 Freezless Water Hydrant available at Cottage Craft solves many of these problems.  It was designed by a plumber in Holmes County Ohio who had been serving area farmers and homeowners for over 30 years. On the typical water hydrants, he noted the failure rates were occurring from the galvanized pipe, the plunger rod, or the brass foot valve causing the need to replace the complete hydrant.

Holmes County Ohio is home to one of the largest Amish population in the Nation.  It also has pockets of high alkaline soil. 

John also noted that it was the Amish women and children who were doing most of the livestock watering and gardening as daily chores and seen the struggles first hand they were having operating the traditional hydrant valve handles.

John designed the 401 Water Hydrant and engaged an Amish manufacturing company to make them.  He designed a cam operated lever system that would open the valve with very little effort.  He also made the lever part out of stainless steel for rustproof years of service.

Instead of the typical iron or soft brass rod used in most hydrants to connect the top to the foot valve he used stainless steel. Then instead of galvanized pipe he also used stainless steel. To make the hydrant more bullet proof from corrosion the foot valve was also made from stainless steel. This obviously increased the cost but that is in keeping with the refreshing way that Amish people do things and why the 401 Freezless Hydrant is a good investment for the long term.

You see the Amish are just not as interested in making products as cheaply as they can, their focus is on making good strong dependable products that will last and not leave the consumer feeling as they were cheated after just a few years.

For over the past 10 years Cottage Craft has been the only company online offering the 401 Hydrant and out of those 10 years has only needed to send out one replacement valve gasket.  A solid indication of just how well this hydrant works even in commercial applications.

Cottage Craft is an emporium of old-fashioned quality made products. The owners have spent years on the back roads in Amish communities seeking out functional products for the farm, home, and garden. Ninety percent of the products the company features are USA Amish made in small Amish shops and factories. Most of the products are still made and handled by the Amish shop owners who have an outstanding reputation for high-quality products like things that were being made in the 1950s and 1960s

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