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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The American Dream of Handcrafted Products

It seems the American dream of making a quality handcrafted product and then being able to sell it is not as easy today, even with the Internet. No matter what the home based business person can dream up, it likely can already be found on the shelf of a discount store, much cheaper than what can be made by them one at a time. Most of the time products will be duplicated in plastic, made of wood fibers, or sewn on a computerized machine. Nothing like the hand rubbed hardwoods used in the real hand crafted items, or the pain staken hours of the needle and thread in quilt work patterns. The hours it takes to make some of these products can never be recouped in the prices these discount stores are selling them for. Trying to find a market place in difficult economic times is even becoming harder. Even many of the Amish have seeked other revenue streams, working in local factories. With these factories now cutting back, the economy is now hitting these communities hard as well. We at believe the art of making these future cherished items is very important to keep in our American heritage alive. Our web site is totally dedicated to the cottage based industry. We provide a new market place for the cottage based business owners. We charge no fees to set up or carry quality items in our on line store. Please join us in keeping this industry alive.

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