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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hunting and Family Heirlooms

Hunting traditions and the passing of hunting gear down to your kids then to their kids to become family heirlooms, is becoming more difficult and less affordable. The old time hand craftsmanship is being replaced by cheaper imports of less quality. Hello I'm Liz Stevens for years we have admired the hard working home based craftsmen. We enjoy trips to the Amish communities to see what’s new, and touch and feel the quality of items they make. We are very concerned with the American dream of making a living by being able to build something with your hands is fading away. Cheaper imports and or replacing hardwoods with plastic, is making it more difficult to sell home based business products. If your still interested in old fashioned handmade quality products, we have dedicated a web site and on line store to the cottage crafts industry. We have a full line of Amish crafted hunting calls. Check us out at

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