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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Apple and Wine Processing Equipment

Cottage Craft Works at has assembled some of the best apple cider and wine presses on the market.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer they even offer hardware kits so you can make your own presses.  Along with the presses they have other processing equipment from the Orchard Broom that allows you to pickup windfall apples without bending over, the picking bags, to the press bags Cottage Craft Works has your apple and wine processing needs covered.

If you have a small amount of backyard apples and grapes that you want to make a few gallons of cider or wine, consider a Table Model Fruit & Wine Press $175 with free shipping!

"Authentic Old Fashioned" Fruit press for pressing soft fruit. (Tub size is 9" x 11" high and overall press size is 11" x 20") Cider can be made only if you grind your apples in some way. Sturdily constructed. Fun for the whole family.

If you have several trees and need something larger with a grinder, consider starting with The Pioneer Junior Budget Cider Press at only $495

Now EVERYONE Can Own A Cider Press!  The Pioneer Junior is a smaller, less expensive cider presses for the homeowner with only a few trees.  It works as well as the larger version. Presses a half bushel of whole apples at a time. No need to peel or cut up the apples - the grinder does it all. 

The next level for the homeowner is The "Homesteader" at $695 it is a single-tub cider or wine press with the same basic frame and press screw assembly as our double-tub model. It has been specifically designed as an all-purpose fruit press which is capable of grinding and efficiently squeezing apples, grapes and other fruits and vegetables.

The "Apple Eater" grinding attachment (included)  is conveniently mounted on the back of the press - allowing the "pulped" fruit to fall directly into the tub for squeezing (however, this attachment can be mounted independent of the press, allowing both press and grinding operations to take place at the same time!)

 *** The Best Buy****The Complete Apple CiderPress. $720  This unit has an attached apple grinder and Heavy duty 1" diam. pressing screw with Acme thread to exert a powerhouse of pressure with a minimum effort.

The apple grinder features a hardwood drum studded with eight rows of stainless steel teeth mounted on a steel crankshaft inside the hopper.( The Grinder can also be easily removed from press and mounted on a sawhorse or other support, allowing one person to grind fruit, another to press juices.) Heavy cast-iron flywheel with hardwood handle rotates drum mounted on steel shaft -- all perfectly balanced for smooth, easy grinding.

Large steel-banded pressing tub will hold up to one bushel of pulp inside the fitted, fine-mesh pressing bag. It will keep the skins, stems and pulp inside the bag letting only the juice flow through.   The entire press frame and tub are made from SOLID MAPLE for super strength.  The uprights are also made of sturdy maple and the extra wide-stance legs provide total stability under grinding and pressing action.

The optional Wooden Hopper holds 35 pounds of apples and makes grinding easier and faster.

 For the large scale to commercial processor- Double-Tub Cider Mill & Wine Press $840
The American Harvester Cider Mill and Wine Press is a combination of the best features found in different mills and presses manufactured around the turn of the 20th century. By the early 1900s, the double-tub model cider mill was by far the most popular. The rugged 4-leg construction utilizing good hard wood and large amounts of cast iron make this unit appealing to farmers and orchard growers.

The American Harvester mill has an advantage in design that allows both the grinding and squeezing to take place at the same time. Also, the grinding unit on the American Harvester reduces apples to a "pulp like" consistency which allows a more efficient "press".

In short, the American Harvester will produce the most cider from the least amount of apples in the shortest amount of time... better than any hand operated unit on the market!

Our experience shows that two people working at a comfortable pace can easily grind and squeeze 50 gallons of cider in an afternoon.  The "Apple Eater" grinder on the American Harvester grinds whole apple with ease. You do not have to slice or push them down!

 For $259 you can motorize either the American Harvester or the Homesteader Grinder Motor Kit
Motor kit to fit the American Harvester or Homesteader Grinders Operate your press with ease with this new complete motor kit ready to install.

Purchase the motor kit to add to an existing grinder or purchase the complete motor and grinder assembly for your American Harvester or Homesteader Apple Cider Press.

 If you already have a press and want to add or replace the apple grinder with a new apple grinder consider The "Apple Eater Grinder" it is a top seller! $229 Includes a 5 1/2" diameter terpolymer of ABS cylinder with 8 serrated stainless steel knives. This specially designed grinding box is all cast iron. Operation is made smooth, fast and easy by the use of a 18 lb. cast iron flywheel attached to the grinding shaft. The result is a totally maintenance-free grinding device that quickly reduces a box of apples to an easily pressed "pulp".

If you have the wood you may want to consider building your own press.  Starting at $429 you can purchase a Homesteader Apple Cider Press"Hardware Kit"  Now build your own version of our Homesteader Cider Press.

Each kit includes complete grinder assembly, flywheel, cross arm, 1- 1/2" Acme screw with 4-prong wheel and pressure foot, hoops, all necessary hardware and complete set of wood plans.

The American Harvester double tub hardware kit only runs $50 more.

As we age or have back issues, bending over becomes a challenge. Now introducing the OrchardBroom  Apple and Walnut picker. $69.95 A very easy to use product to quickly pickup apples, fruits and nuts off the ground in and around trees without having to bend over. The Orchard Broom is the only purpose designed device to collect windfall apples, fruits and nuts.

Easily holding 10-20 apples and emptying in under a second without ever having to bend over.  The Orchard Broom rolls along and catches the fruit and nuts in between the flexible wire cage without damaging the fruit skin.  When the basket is full, just simply place over the bucket mounted wire rack frame and the cage separates allowing the fruit and nuts to drop into a bucket. (Bucket is not included)

The Orchard Broom will easily cope with cider apples and other small varieties. Guide The Orchard Broom where the apples are and see how it picks them up efficiently and bruise-free! No more struggling over apples,

A very handy tool indeed! Since The Orchard Broom is lightweight and practical, you can use it anywhere, even for hard-to-reach corners or on uneven terrain.  Orchard Broom is durable, it can withstand years of proper use. The Orchard Broom can be used for other fruits in similar size from lemons to oranges!

For picking fruits and nuts off the tree either on the ground or on a ladder consider the Fruit Apple and Nut Picking Bucket $24.95

Our apple and nut picking canvas bucket has an adjustable strap for right or left handed picking or for front or side. Great for any type of fruit or nuts the bag has a wide shoulder strap made for comfort.

If you have dwarf apple and fruit trees or are not comfortable on a ladder consider The Apple and FruitPicker $32.95 The Apple and Fruit Picker has 8' hardwood Handel allowing you to pick from the ground or reach higher limbs on a short ladder. 

If you want to keep your orchard pest free consider the Wheeled Orchard and Garden Sprayer $398 with free shipping!  This is a perfect sprayer for the garden or orchard. It is a hand pushed 10 gal 12 volt battery operated wheeled sprayer for those hard to reach areas with a tractor pulled sprayer.  Battery operated the wand will develop enough pressure to reach to the top of dwarf fruit trees and provide more coverage than a hand pump garden sprayer.

For the wine lovers Cottage Craft Works offers several press options. For the small backyard vineyard consider Yakima Small Wine Press.  $169 with free Shipping!  

Easily Produce Your Own Juice or Wine! Anyone who has access to fresh grapes and soft fruit can quickly and easily produce their own juice - or wine - with this convenient press. The Yakima provides optimum design in terms of materials, size and price. The hardwood tub measures 11" high and 9" in diameter. All cast iron frame with a 3/4" Acme press screw.

If you have a larger vineyard or share wine making with friends consider the The HomesteaderWine Press  $469.  This is a single-tub press with the same basic frame and press screw assembly as our Homesteader Cider Press, just without the grinder. It has been specifically designed as an all-propose fruit press which is capable of efficiently squeezing grapes and other soft fruits and vegetables.

If you are a large vineyard consider our Large Wine Press $495 Heavy duty 1" diam. pressing screw with Acme thread exerts a powerhouse of pressure with a minimum effort. Four threads per inch permit fast travel.

Pressing Bags are essential to pressing apples or wine, Cottage Craft Works carries pressing bags for both the table top and the large cider and wine presses.  Prices start at $13.

 Maintaining and lubricating your press becomes challenging when looking for “Food Grade” applications.  Cottage Craft Works carries food grade thread lubricants and wood sealers.

If you are a newbie or want to increase your knowledge on making cider and wine, Cottage Craft Works carries several  instructional and recipe books on how to make apple cider. The complete Cider How to Book $19.95 now in its 3rd addition, all you need to make and enjoy sweet and hard cider   Be sure to check out our apple chopper and cider presses.  You can also fine several books on wine making and building grape arbors.

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