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Friday, September 9, 2011

CCW Hunting and Game Calls

CCW Hunting and Game Calls offers some of the most beautiful handcrafted hunting and game calls on the market. These are handcrafted calls, providing some of the most realistic natural sounds to bring the game up close. They have been field proven and have become personal favorites of hunters worldwide. CCW has a wide range of hunting and game calls for almost every hunter.
CCW Hunting and Game Calls not only carries one of the largest selections of turkey calls they also carry some of the most unique handcrafted calls. The 4-in-1 turkey combo calls feature all the popular turkey locator calls built into one unit. The new Mountain Man Slate call has a dual sounding chamber especially developed to produce a soft mellow stereo sound, that is more realistic than ever.

All CCW Hunting and Game Calls are crafted works of art that you will want to display even during the off season. The mix of hardwoods, and inlays provide the craftsmanship of a fine piece of furniture, yet the selection of those hardwoods mastered with just the right thickness and length on the turkey box calls provide the rich turkey talk sought by the most experienced pro-hunters.

The Friction Slate call is one of the favorite calls by veteran turkey hunters, it's balance and ease of use makes this call stand out from the rest. Most are able to start turkey talk right out of the box without even sanding the slate. CCW also offers various striker wood options in either an straight tip or a flared tips. Friction calls are also available in glass, and aluminum or in a two sided combo call with a slate surface on the back side.

CCW will even custom make you a call to your specifications, including adapting their calls for the disabled or handicapped hunter. They also offer a turkey box call kit for only $8. It has become popular with several youth hunting groups, and high school FFA classes to build and use for fund raisers.

CCW offers custom engraving on most all of the hunting and Game calls as well as the leather products. We can custom engrave a name corporate logo or other saying for a special person event or as a gift.

CCW Hunting is more than just game calls. You will find a large selection of hunting gear made of top quality materials, hand tooled leathers, and tough 420 Denier nylon. The Coyote Leather Company products featuring gear belts, lanyards and dog training gear, is of such high end quality that you would expect to see them in a Norman Rockwell legendary hunting scene painting.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works Cottage Craft Works provides a unique shopping experience that brings you old fashioned, American made products to take you back to the simpler times.

For over the past 35 years we have explored the heartland of America seeking products that are made by craftsman, by people who take real pride in their work and aren't always easy to get to. Products that are truly unique, and are designed for those who would like to enhance their lives. The majority of our products are Amish-made, products that you simply can't get anywhere else unless you travel the back roads of America yourself. With over 2000 products from hunting calls, furniture, non-electric off the grid items, to other outdoor sports and more, you're bound to find something you'll fall in love with!

Dymondwood Laminated Duck Call

This is another call made of solid Dymondwood TM, hardwoods. If you want the rich mellow sound of a nostalgic wooden duck call, but the durability of a new moisture resistant poly call, the Dymondwood TM call is exactly what you are looking for.

Dymondwood Goose Call

A stunning laminated two piece Canada Short-Reed Goose Call. If you want the rich mellow sound of a nostalgic wooden goose call, but the durability of a new moisture resistant poly call, the Dymondwood TM Goose Call is exactly what you are looking for. Choice of all solid color or with natural color laminated end as shown in the pictures, select below.

Half Moon Box Turkey Call

This box call is just like our very popular Half Moon Turkey Call except that it has an added handle for those who prefer a handle version. Overall length with handle is 8-3/4". Featuring the same beautiful hardwoods and finish to make this another heirloom quality box call for generations to come.

10" Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call

Our 10" inch Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call is built just like our popular half moon handle box calls. Some call this a "Long Box Call". The additional length allows for a 1" longer sounding chamber. This provides a deeper and richer yelp and allows the sound to travel out for those windy days.

Four Star Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk 4-1 Combo Turkey Call

Our Four Star Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk 4-1 Combo Turkey Call is another beautiful handcrafted turkey box call, which also includes three of the most popular locator calls built into one compact unit.

Turkey Box Call Kit

 If you're a do-it-yourself er or enjoy woodworking, here's the opportunity to build your own 7" turkey box call, similar to our Sweet Water Call. Simple in design, it's easy to assemble! You will be able to glue it, drill the pilot hole, chalk the lid, assemble the call and talk turkey in no time at all.

Turkey Friction Pot Calls

 Turkey hunters across the country are raving about our friction pot turkey calls. They have become very popular and when you get yours you will quickly understand why. Our Amish crafted friction calls have incredible balance, rich sound tones, they are very easy to use, and you will be calling them in like a pro in a very short amount of time, even for the newbie to friction calls.

The Pro-Hunter's Belt

You simply will not find a more versatile hunting belt, built with this level quality material and workmanship anywhere else on the market. Coyote Leather Company exclusive Pro-Hunting Belts offer a unique anchoring system for you to place the accessories where you need them, to change, remove or add accessories as your hunts and gear needs change. The Pro-Hunter's Belt  is made in American, using only the highest quality American tanned leathers.

Pro-Trainer Belt by Coyote Company Leather

All American Made! Coyote Leather Company designs unique, handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoors man in mind. Designed by an avid hunter and dog trainer for those looking for professional grade hunting and training gear. Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field. CCW has many products for the Pro-Hunting Dog including transmitter pouches.

Custom Hand Carved Gun Stocks  As Featured in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine!

 Imagine exquisitely detailed images of your favorite hunting scenes-right on your gun stock! This talented Amish artisan can detail fabulous hunting scenes into your favorite gun stock, or one of our custom replacement gun stocks.

Custom Hunting Call Engraving

We can custom engrave most of our CCW Hunting and Game Calls, with a name or for a special recognition. These make wonderful gifts, or recognition to special accomplishments. People have selected this option for their wedding party gifts, graduations, retirements, as well as Christmas

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