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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hunting Gear for the Most Distinguished Gentlemen Hunter

Featuring The American Heritage Series at CCW Hunting and Game Calls

By Paul Stevens CCW

For those of us who grew up in the 60s, when the Internet was not around and very few hunting magazines were even being published, the main source of information on anything related to hunting was awaiting the next issue of Outdoor Life, or perhaps Popular Mechanics.   Pictures and legendary hunting scene paintings always caught my interest; it was not as much about what was being hunted but the hunting gear being used.  It was the combination of beautiful custom leathers, shotgun shells, game calls and some type of high end custom shot gun, with a hand carved gun stock that enhanced the appetite to someday be able to find and afford that type of gear for my own hunts. 

In looking at some of the famous hunting scene paintings by those like Norman Rockwell I could actually feel like I was a part of the hunt-- watching the hunting dog flush the birds, the shot gun and the smell of fresh gun powder.  Probably the most interesting were pictures of wealthy British or American hunters, who dressed from the hunting hat down to the fancy leather knee high boots. The attention to detail of the rich leathers, the warmth of a hunting gear coat, the feathers showing from a filled game bag, and highlights of the personalized initials, is what I would dream of actually reaching out and touching someday.

Today I actually have this legendary, yet affordable gear for every hunter.  As I developed Cottage Craft Works and CCW Hunting and Game Calls I knew, clearly, that I wanted to recapture the nostalgia and memories of those famous legendary hunting scenes.  I was not interested in the mass marketing of imported low quality gear, but only the very best gun accessories, outer wear, hunting calls and hunting gear.

Our hand carved gun stocks were featured in the 2011 Outdoor Life magazine, to be featured in such a prestigious magazine that I grew up with was a dream come true.  Imagine exquisitely detailed images of your favorite hunting scenes—right on your gun stock! This talented Amish artisan can detail fabulous hunting scenes into your favorite gun stock, or one of our custom replacement gun stocks.

Our Coyote Leather Company hunting gear is the type shown in legendary hunting photos.  Coyote Leather products are handcrafted the old-fashioned way using the finest American tanned premium leathers and hand-stitched materials. Coyote Leather designs unique handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoors-man in mind.  Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and, more importantly, enhances performance in the fields. 

Our beautiful hand crafted hunting and game calls like all of our gear are of heirloom quality. Our turkey box calls are made from premium quality hardwoods, crafted with fine joinery to show contrasting woods, then engraved hunting scenes followed by a high quality finish.  Duck and goose calls are hand turned on a lathe then engraved and finished.   

Take a look at all of our CCW Hunting products; personalized engraving and custom made items are available.  Purchase our American Heritage Series gear at http://www.cottagecraftworks.com   Cottage Craft Works and  CCW Hunting and Game Calls provides a source for old fashioned handcrafted gear that is still made today using rich American tanned leather and craftsmanship knowledge handed down from generations.

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