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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cottage Craft Works Pro-Hunter’s Belt

You simply will not find a more versatile hunting belt, built with this level quality material and workmanship anywhere else on the market. Coyote Leather Company exclusive Pro-Hunting Belts™ offer a unique anchoring system for you to place the accessories where you need them, to change, remove or add accessories as your hunts and gear needs change.  The Pro-Hunter’s Belt™ is made in American, using only the highest quality American tanned leathers.  The Pro-Hunter’s Belt™ is available in green or orange.

All accessories snap-on and snap-off and conveniently remain where the shooter places them. "A place for everything and everything in its place!" Pro- Slotted belt allows shooter to place accessories in a permanent position, to change position, or remove entirely. Edges rounded, sealed, waxed and burnished. Available in four sizes.

The Pro-Hunter’s Belt™ system distributes the weight of your gear onto the hips instead of your neck and shoulders as encountered with traditional hunting vests.  The Leather Gun Caddy also allows the weight of your shotgun or riffle to rest onto the hips, yet its unique design keeps the gun at the ready-mount position. The entire belt system is ergonomic designed to provide less fatigue in the neck, shoulders and arms from toting a loaded vest and holding a shotgun or riffle at the ready-mount position for hours.  This system will help increase your endurance, provide you less fumble time finding gear, making your hunts more enjoyable and less stressful.

Pro- Belt can be customized by purchasing the belt and then accessories or purchasing the standard belt with the most popular accessories.   Pro-Hunter’s Belt™ standard belt features a 2-1/4” premium bridle leather slotted belt with a game bag, shell pouch, Pro-Hunter utility pouch, gun caddy and two water bottle holders.
Coyote Utility Pouch - New Otter Cloth™ keeps dog treats, snacks, or valuables such as sun glasses, blank ammo, ear protection, etc., dry under any conditions. The  Coyote Utility Pouch Has two side pockets.

Be sure to see all the additional accessories for the Pro-Hunter’s Belt™ Series at   Cottage Craft Works and its subsidiary CCW Hunting and Game Calls  provides a source for old fashioned handcrafted gear that is still made today using rich American tanned leather and craftsmanship knowledge handed down from generations. 

All American Made!  Coyote Leather Company designs unique, handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoors-man in mind.  Designed by an avid hunter and dog trainer for those looking for professional grade hunting and training gear.  Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field.

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