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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dog Training Gear for the Professional Trainer

Cottage Craft Works offers some of the best dog training and dog gear for the professional trainer and kennel operator.  Hunting dogs, service dogs, law enforcement dogs and other work dogs need specialized training and the gear to perform.  Through our cottage based leather craftsman we have assembled a variety of gear that is all American handcrafted using top grade leathers and fabrics which are hand-stitched to provide years of service.

Our Coyote Leather Company Pro-Trainer belt™ was developed to carry afield everything needed for a serious training session with retrievers, pointing dogs and other service dogs.  Designed by an avid hunter and hunting dog trainer, the belt is designed to allow accessories to be snapped on and off, moved to a different location based on the dog handlers needs.  In fact 12 snap-on accessories are available for this belt to make it truly customized to an individual trainers needs.  

The most popular accessories begin with the Utility Pouch.  It is made of New Otter Cloth™ that will keep things dry under any condition.  Use the pouch to carry dog treats, snacks, valuables, sun glasses, blank ammo, ear protection, etc.  The pouch also has two side pockets. 

 Next is The Coyote Bumper Bag, also made of water-proof Otter Cloth™ this bag allows you to carry on your back side training bumpers, and dummies for the dog to find and retrieve. Dummies feed from either side allowing you to easily reach the training device but still hide the object from the dog until you are ready to throw it.  The bag will hold 10 two-inch bumpers, 8 Real Duck® bumpers of 4 Docken® mallards.  Mesh front speeds wet bumper drying.  The Coyote Bumper Bag rides tight against the belt on your backside so it does not bounce while walking. 

Quickly convert to upland bird training using live birds, or just purchase the upland trainer belt.  Simply snap off the Bumper Bag and snap on a Coyote Large Live Bird Bag.  This bag will hold 2-3 pheasants, 5-6 pigeons or 12 quail.  Ventilated on all four sides, the bag can also be used for other trainer objects.   Poop shield on the bottom and half back and sides keeps you clean and dry while planting the birds.  The bag also has padded removable shoulder strap.  Spring loaded top prevents accidental bird escape.

The snap on “D”-Ring or Snap-Bolt attachment- allows a variety of gear to be attached to the belt.  For items already with a Snap-Bolt such as leashes and ropes, simply snap on to the “D”-Ring.  For items with a “D”-Ring such as GPS and transmitter pouches use the Snap-Bolt Attachment.  You will likely want both options.

Training Pistol Leather Holster- uses a normal belt loop that slides on to the belt.  Right and left hand options for small frame and large frame pistols are available.
Dan Mar Championship Check Cord- provides 20 ft of solid-core check cord, which is a very stiff blaze orange cord.

The Coyote Gun Caddy- Carry either the shotgun or rifle at the ready-mount stance.  The gun’s weight is born on the hip rather than on the arm or shoulder and the waist remains in a natural position-increasing the hunters or trainers endurance and accuracy.

Water Bottle Holster- Keeps the water bottle within easy reach.  With this unique belt some carry two water bottles one for the handler and one for the dog.

Coyote Ultimate Short Clip Ammo Carrier- Features the finest top grain saddle leather with the Coyote Burled Finish in rich mahogany.  The short clip in 12-or 20-Gauge is perfect for turkey hunters of dog trainers who need only a few shells. 

Coyote Gunner’s Towel & “D”-Ring Attachment.  Used on the Pro-Skeet belt, but is as useful for the dog handler after multiple retrieves of slobbered bumpers and dummies.  Features a 100% cotton velour tri-fold towel with grommet hanger to hang on Snap-Bolt attachment to the Pro-Belt.

Coyote Transmitter Lanyard- handsome oil-tanned leather lanyard with anodized black swivel snap.  Prefect for the dog handler who likes snap-on convenience and who prefers to wear the remote around the neck.
Coyote Whistle Lanyard- the Coyote Ultimate Lanyard allows the dog handler to snap on as many whistles and game calls they want.  Unique tangle free design keeps the call free, easy to reach and ready to use.  

Coyote Leather Woven Slip Lead- a leash is for control and this heavy-duty “woven leather” pattern puts you in complete control no matter where you hold it.  Regardless of its size, you dog will know it too.  Handcrafted from the finest latigo leather and featuring a solid brass ring, these leads age beautifully.

Coyote Woven Leather Lead- Handcrafted from the finest latigo leather and featuring a solid brass snap-bolt, these leads age beautifully.  Available in 2' and 5' lengths this lead is a favorite among hunters, field trial participants and professional trainers alike. This handsome lead slips easily into a hunting coat pocket, back pocket or glove compartment. These are just too convenient not to keep several on hand.

Coyote Woven 2-Dog Coupler- a new 4-in-1 woven leather lead that walks two dogs side-by-side.  The Coyote Coupler easily converts into a woven slip lead, as well as a woven 5’ lead, and is designed as a healing lead for attaching to the Coyote Pro-Trainer Belt using the “D”-Ring attachment.  Handcrafted from the finest latigo leather and featuring solid brass hardware.

Transmitter Holsters- Cottage Craft Works carries both Coyote Leather and Dan’s Briar Proof Nylon holsters to fit electronic transmitters and GPS devices.   Coyote Leather holsters are available for most all models including the older old round style Tri Tronics.  

Dog Protective Vest- these vest will help to protect your hunting dogs from hogs and briars.  Made of 2 layers of 1000 Denier Cordura and 4 heavy duty metal buckles for closure at the top.  Also good for service dogs used in search and rescue amongst sharp and jagged building debris.

All American Made!  Coyote Leather Company and Dan’s Hunting Gear designs unique, handmade hunting accessories with the outdoorsman in mind.  Designed by avid hunters this equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field.

Purchase your professional grade dog gear at   Cottage Craft Works and its subsidiary CCW Hunting and Game Call provides a source for old fashioned handcrafted gear that is still made today using rich American tanned leather and craftsmanship knowledge handed down from generations. 

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