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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mountain Man Custom Dual Sound Chamber Slate Turkey Call

            Mountain Man Custom Dual Sound Chamber Slate Call

The Mountain Man Slate call uses a totally new dual sounding board technology. The dual sounding board produces the most realistic turkey talk ever produced from a friction slate call.

Now produce the most amazing crystal clear turkey talk ever!

At first glance it may look like just an ordinary friction turkey slate call, but this little dynamo is a real gem.

The Dual Sound Chamber Mountain Man Slate™ is a custom handmade slate call developed by Bill Fleming.  Many people outside his small town in Missouri may not know Bill, but he is an avid self taught turkey hunter and for over 25 years he has accumulated a long list of impressive trophy bird kills.  Bill has become somewhat of a legend in his part of the country.  Bill also attributes his hunting success to his keen sense of the various sounds and pitches wild turkeys use during their rituals. In fact Bill can detect the slightest variation in pitch and sound that others just hear as one solid squawk.  You see Bill not only has spent all those years stalking wild turkey during the season, but he has also devoted countless hours in the off season watching and listening to the day to day rituals that this elusive bird uses.

Bill has tried all types of turkey calls, but just could not mimic the true sounds that he had detected during his years of observation and listening.  He became frustrated because he just could not find a call that would produce the three dimensional stereo sound he was looking for.  The closest he could get was using a slate friction call but even then the clucks and purrs, just sounded mono.   So in his frustration Bill began to tear a few of those calls a part and began experimenting with aluminum, glass, slate, and even crystal.  Soon he discovered that all the friction calls on the market have only one sounding board.  That sounding board only sends the striker sound directly out the back side of the call, producing only a sharp mono tone.  Bill then hand turned a few of his own bowls and started to experiment with the holes and spacing and the various depths and shapes of the bowl along with different striker surfaces.

Bill was looking for a design that would trap the sound within the bowl and then distribute it out with a soft stereo sound.  Out of all the surfaces he used slate was still his favorite, then one day he finally discovered the combination he had longed for.  All Mountain Man Custom slate calls have a custom hand turned bowl designed with a dual sounding board chamber just in the right position behind the slate to make rich natural soft clucks, and purrs.

The Slate side is also engraved with a turkey track; this is another unique feature by Mountain Man Calls. The turkey track provides roughen surfaces on many different parts of the slate as well as different widths and angles to provide various striker pitches.  The slate can also be sanded to fit the turkey hunter’s personal preference.

After Billed showed his friends and local hunters the successes he was having with his new discovery people began requesting these custom calls for themselves, and found them far superior over anything they had used previously.  Soon the word spread to other turkey hunters and Mountain Man Custom Calls was born.  Bill joined forces with one of his hunting partners and a close friend who owns a sports shop to hand make and distribute Mountain Man Custom Calls.

At CCW Hunting and Game Calls we are always on the lookout for unique custom gear handcrafted by individuals or small cottage based businesses, which perform as well as it looks. Mountain Man Custom Slate Call is exactly the type of product we want to provide to our customers and we are proud to now offer this new exceptional sounding dual chamber slate friction turkey call option.

From the novice to the professional turkey hunter this slate call talks real turkey and does so without much preparation at all.

If you do have questions or need support, each call comes with a direct e-mail address to Bill, so that you can communicate directly with the developer of this unique handmade turkey call.  This is just another unique service unavailable with other hunting call companies.

The Dual Sound Chamber Mountain Man Slate™ by Mountain Man Custom Slate Call is easy to use and it comes with its own handmade oak and popular handle striker.  Purchase online at CCW Hunting and Game Calls
Bowl choices are popular, cherry or walnut.

Like all of our hunting and game calls personalize engraving is available.  

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