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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Christian Back-to-Basic Movement

In today’s economy it is difficult to find a sector of the population that has not been negatively affected financially.  People of all ages and faiths are trying to find a balance in life and looking for ways to trim the household budgets and live a more frugal self-sufficient lifestyle. The freeze in Social Security cost of living increases and indications of an increase in the age requirements before Social Security Benefits can even begin; only seem to be adding to the stress and uncertainty to those in or reaching retirement ages.  More concerning is the fact that this no longer makes front-page news, and many seniors are even unaware of these types of discussions.  It often feels as if the country is slipping into a feeling of apathy – and depression, loneliness.

The younger generations are finding it more difficult to find jobs, start a family, and live the American dream.  In many ways, the lessons learned of coping and surviving such historical times as the Great Depression are only held in the minds of those seniors now reaching into their 80s and beyond.  Lessons can be brought forward today and shared with the younger generations on how to live credit free, make things at home, bond as a community, and work together to stretch the dollar. 

At Cottage Craft Works we believe our mission should be more than just a mail order supply house, we believe in supporting those looking for a balance in life and want to help support those seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  You will find throughout our site and our blog free information on ideas, on how to make things, recipes, and even kits and hardware to make your own products.  We also offer over 200 books dedicated to every aspect of self-reliant and self-sufficient living. Several Christian based books for school age children are perfect for home-schooling. 

Religion and worship are very personal matters; therefore we do not openly promote any particular faith on our site or try to draw people into any particular way thinking about religious beliefs. You will note an intentional Christian based welcome feeling across our site though, as many of our products are made by strong Christian followers, who still close up shop on Sundays in order to worship.  We also believe, there exists a strong correlation in spiritual needs and support for each other, and our neighbors at all times but even more during trouble times, as many are encountering very stressful domestic issues. Studies suggest people are seeking and turning to faith and worship to experience comfort and hope in a very troubled world. 

Cottage Craft Works offers products and support under our Personal Needs tab.  Under this tab you will find Faith-Hope-Family with products for Christian based needs.  You can even subscribe to the popular Keepers at Home Magazine.  Many of our Amish cookbooks have been developed from recipes from readers of the Keepers at Home Magazine.  When you are in this section be sure to check out the beautiful Bible on a scroll including the handcrafted wood support stand.

Cottage Craft Works through its subsidiary CCW Hunting and Game Calls has a strong presence in the Hunting and Sportsman arena, including guns and accessories.  While we do not endorse or promote violence we do support those who are trying to put food on the table for their families and enjoy the outdoors as part of a self-sufficient life style.  We also believe in and especially during troubled times people need away to provide personal protection for themselves and their families.

Cottage Craft Works is a small Christian family ran business, when you e-mail or call you talk directly with one of the family members who understand and are also part of the self-sufficient movement.  The products featured on the site are handpicked for quality workmanship, practicality, and an investment to save time, labor and provide future family heirlooms. 

Cottage Craft Works provides a source for the old time American made quality products that were used and cherished for generations, which are still being manufactured today. Products to help you and your family live a more wholesome self-sufficient life style in today’s very uncertain times. Looking through the Cottage Craft Works online is store is just like picking up an early 1900s Sears and Roebuck Co. Catalog and spending hours making your wish list!  Products are full of nostalgia and memories, products you grew up with but never dreamed would still be available for purchase in today’s crazy fast moving high tech and dependent vulnerable world. So take a deep breath, slow down a bit and enjoy the country life with us at Cottage Craft Works .com.

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