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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Aermotor Windmill is Still USA Made and Being Manufactured

The Aermotor is the only USA made windmill which began production in 1888, it by far has been the American choice of all water pumping windmills.

There is probably not a more photographed, featured in movies, and talked about American farm and ranch item than the old time water pumping windmill. The Aermotor is the only USA made windmill which began production in 1888, it by far has been the American choice of all water pumping windmills.
You can travel in any direction across the Midwest and see the Aermotor Windmills still standing tall and many are still pumping water to livestock tanks or to replenish ponds and lakes.
Aermotor is still the preferred water pumping supply system for ranchers and farmers located in remote areas to keep their livestock water tanks full.
Like many other manufactures Aermotor used a simple system to move and lock the tail to the side. This turns the fan blades out of the direct wind in order to protect the windmill during high winds.
This feature saved many windmills used in the Midwest during violent storms and high winds and is one reason the Aermotor has survived so many years.
Many are turning back to this old time water moving machine to harvest free wind energy.
It doesn’t take long to locate an Aermotor even if the name has worn off the tail the distinctive metal bonnet gear cover located just behind the blades will tell you it is an Aermotor.
Many think this classic like many old times American made products are no longer being made, and those in use have just either been maintained or restored. The fact is Aermotor is still busy making the best windmill ever made.
The design and the parts have changed very little over all these years. Only the manufacturing process and the metals used in those parts have been modernized to benefit both the price and to make the parts last longer.
Aermotor Windmills are still built in San Angelo Texas in a modern 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.
Despite the temptation lured by imports to produce and supply cheaper parts to American manufactures, Aermotor still manufactures ever part in the USA.
Aermotor has the longest warranty in the industry, 7 years in fact.
The Aermotor pictured was erected in the 1950s and is still going strong today!
Cottage Craft Works encourages folks to work with a local Aermotor dealer in their area. If there is not one available Cottage Craft Works will be happy to sell you a new windmill or locate the needed replacement parts to repair or restore one through their Amish Aermotor dealer.
Cottage Craft Works carries brand new Aermotor Windmills, windmill towers Aermotor Parts, and Heller Aller water well pumps.
Their Amish Aermotor dealer is Troyer Windmills of Sugar Creek Ohio. They are probably one of the most established and experienced dealers in the Aermotor dealer network.
Like the Aermotor manufacturing company, Troyer Windmills also has a very long history with Aermotor. Now in their third family generation; they have been supplying and erecting Aermotor Windmills Since 1929.
For centuries the folks at Troyer Windmills have been erecting Aerator windmills across the Midwest, the Eastern states and occasionally even as far as the West Coast. They will travel almost anywhere in the United States to erect a new windmill. You can contact Cottage Craft Works to obtain an installation quote.
Windmills are sold separate of the towers allowing the customer the option of finding an existing tower and purchasing the windmill or purchasing a new tower. There is even a short stub tower available to convert another manufactured tower for the Aermotor Windmill.
Aermotor Windmills come in 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ blade sizes
Just need parts? You can review a parts diagram on line at Cottage Craft Works and e-mail for pricing and shipping cost. If you are relocating an existing Aermotor Windmill, you can even purchase new anchor post and cross pieces to use in the setup of an old tower.
You can purchase Aermoter Windmills, towers and parts at Windmills and Water Pumps.
Cottage Craft Works is a very unique on line general store featuring all the old time American made quality products that are as useful today as they were back then. Just Like the Aermotor Windmill; Cottage Craft Works carries all types of old time products and reproduction items that date back to the early 1900s following the American industrial revolution.
If you are looking for old time American made products for the home, farm, ranch, or just want to add a bit of nostalgia to your back drop, Cottage Craft Works probably has it. Many compare a tour through the Cottage Craft Works web site as like taking a tour through an early 1920s Sears Roebuck Company mail order catalog.

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