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Friday, May 11, 2012

American Made Products For Home, Farm, Ranch, Gardening, and Hunting

Families turn back to American made self-sufficient Products

There are several movements occurring across America. Some believe in the potential collapse of the economic system and are scrambling to find back-to-basics self survival gear and non-electric products. Others are looking for self defense because of the increasing crime and uncertain times we are living in, others are turning back to living off the earth to rid the potential of toxic chemicals and contaminants being found in the food supply chain, or are looking to go "Green" with energy savings and reducing their carbon foot print. Others are simply unemployed over extended periods are looking how to transform their back yards into a food producing and income producing ventures.

They call themselves "Preppers" those who are preparing to live for extended periods without electricity or infrastructures. Others are just trying to rid themselves of debt, expensive toys, high real estate taxes and just live a more simple stress-less self-sustaining life style. Frugal back-to-basics living is no longer being viewed as being poor but a necessity of daily living.

One thing is for sure-- old fashioned American made quality products built to last, that are used to produce homegrown and homemade items are becoming the "New In Thing" for the American family.

Old fashioned products for a sustainable culture are still being made in small factories and shops all across America. Many people don't know where to find them or how to purchase as many shop owners just don't have the type of marketing dollars to compete with the large corporations, mainly selling imported products.

Cottage Craft Works at is one small company who has specialized in the locating and promotion of products made in the cottage based and small American businesses. For over 30 years the owners of Cottage Craft Works have developed relationships with the Amish communities. With now more than 5000 products Cottage Craft Works has a full line general store for the back-to-basics self-sufficient, sustainable culture seekers.

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