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Friday, May 11, 2012

CCW Hunting Gear and Gun Accessories

CCW may be best known for their unique combo four-in-one turkey calls featuring an owl-hawk-crow locator call built into the base of a beautiful hand crafted turkey box call.

CCW turkey box call and slate call kits are also very popular, but many may not know that between the box calls and friction calls CCW has one of the largest selection of turkey calls on the market today.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls and it's parent company Cottage Craft Works .Com which also provides high quality American Heritage inspired custom hunting gear and gun accessories. If you want a high end hunting gear, CCW is the place to go.

Custom replacement and hand carved gun stocks are a popular place for the avid gun user. CCW can obtain or duplicate a gun stock for just about any rifle or shotgun ever produced.

Custom gun cases for either display or storage are also available at CCW.

CCW Hunting Gear and Gun Accessories

Beautiful handcrafted and finshed hunting and game calls are at CCW.

CCW Gun AccessoriesWhat many might not realize is that Cottage Craft Works is also a full line outfitter with American made briar proof outerwear, hunting gear belts, gun holsters, slings, feeders, and hunting dog gear. CCW can also have custom restoration, replacement gun stocks, or custom work completed on any type of gun.

Backed with a full line general store concept, you can outfit yourself or camp with outdoor cooking gear and other outdoor sporting equipment. Be sure to check out all the wonderful hunting and game calls along with other outfitting needs at
CCW Hunting and Game Calls

CCW Hunting Gear and Gun Accessories

CCW Hunting and Gun Accessories at Cottage Craft Works .Com

CCW Hunting and Game Calls and it's parent company Cottage Craft Works .Com provides high quality custom hunting gear and gun accessories. If you want a high end hunting gear belt, CCW is the place to go.
CCW Custom Gun Restoration Services
CCW has several shops with leading skilled gun craftsmen who will do high end engraving and inletting on gun stocks, and gun metal. Complete restoration services are also available for original Winchester and Parker rifles as well as other brands. Send us a picture along with a sketch of the custom work you are looking for and we will obtain a quote for you.
Custom Wood and Glass Gun Cases
Custom Hardwood and Glass Gun Display Case

A museum quality display case for your museum quality prized collector's pistol!

A high quality Amish handcrafted display cabinet custom made just for the discriminating collector.
Custom Hand Carved Gun Stocks
As Featured in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine!

Imagine exquisitely detailed images of your favorite hunting scenes-right on your gun stock! This talented Amish artisan can detail fabulous hunting scenes into your favorite gun stock, or one of our custom replacement gun stocks.
Custom Leather CCW Gun Holsters
Our Quality American Made Hand Crafted Leather Holsters vs. massed produced and the Imports.

Just like a custom made pair of cowboy boots, our leather craftsmen make each one of our leather holsters and products one at a time. They use only the best heavy-weight, premium leather harvested and tanned in the United States.
Custom Replacement Gun Stocks
CCW Custom Replacement Gun Stocks

We have access to over 1000 stock blanks, if you have a unique gun we can always duplicate the stock in various different woods and grades, including laminates. We have only listed just a few of the most popular models.
CCW Slings, ammo carriers, and ammo pouches
CCW has a large selection of gun slings, ammo carriers and ammo pouches. All made from American tanned premium leathers
Custom Replacement Gun Stock Butt Plates
CCW has custom replacement gun stock butt plates for some of the most popular guns ever made, including Winchester, Parker, Fox Sterling Worth, and many others.
CCW Hunting Gear and Apparel
CCW is a dealer for American Made Dan's Hunting Gear, from all the briarproof jackets, vest, shirts, chaps, boots, game pouches, and hunting dog gear CCW is your one stop shop for all hunting gear and outer wear.
CCW Hunting and Game Calls
CCW has one of the largest selections of hunting and game calls on the market
Hunting calls for wild game, upland bird and waterfowl calls are all available at CCW.
CCW Game Feeders and Food Plot Seeds
CCW has some of the most inexpensive game feeders and some of the best food plot seeds.
CCW Hunting Gear Belts and Game Bags.
CCW has high end hunting gear belts and gear bags. Inspired by hunting gear from the American Heritage. You simply will not find a more versatile hunting belt, built with this level quality material and workmanship anywhere else on the market.
CCW Hunting Dog Gear
From transmitter holders, to dog protection vest and training supplies you will find a large selection of Pro Hunting Dog Gear at CCW

CCW Hunting Gear and Gun Accessories

CCW Hunting Gear and Gun Accessories at Cottage Craft Works .Com

CCW has some of the best American Heritage inspired hunting gear to be found anywhere. Produced by some of the most talented craftsmen, using top grain premium American tanned leathers and tough denier high tenacity nylon. This gear is American made to take a beating out in the field, allowing the hunter to focus more on the hunt than worried if the gear will hold up.

CCW provides leather gun accessories, custom replacement gun stocks and custom gun works and restoration services. CCW Amish hand carved gun stocks were featured in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine.

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