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Friday, May 11, 2012

Prepping for when SHTF, living more self-sufficient, or just being Green?

Whether you are concerned of an economic collapse, or just want to escape back to a simpler self-sufficient lifestyle you are not alone.

People are looking for an escape back to when growing up and living the American dream was not so complex. They seek the simpler life of living less dependent, being more self-sufficient, and more in control of their lives.

There are a large growing number of people who are stocking up and purchasing equipment preparing for the worse

Others just want to escape the chaos and move back to a simpler lifestyle with fresh air, and less toxic chemicals. Some are either being forced to do so because of the loss of incomes or have decided to change from being heavy in debt and unhappy with their situation. A large number are finding self-sufficient living as being very healthy, enjoyable and rewarding.

People are just fed up with the, economy, politics, world events, dependency on foreign oil, toxic products and contaminated foods.

2012 will probably be noted in history as the year of significant changes in the way people think, work, live and purchase products. Green is in, China products are out. American made, home grown, and the small home town businesses atmosphere is beginning to return. People will become better prepared to handle whatever economic, natural or manmade disaster that can be thrown upon them.

People are adapting and finding solitude in getting out of debt, living on less, and living without the stresses of uncontrollable circumstances. Instead of eating unhealthy foods they are cooking from scratch, deciding what additives to provide the family, and knowing where their food came from. Families are once again joining together around the dining room table to talk about family values and wholesome living.

Frugal living, recycling and shopping the thrift stores is no longer living in shame, but a place to join with others who are also wanting to live more self-sufficient.

Despite those who think the world is ending, or afraid that another world war or financial collapse is about to occur in 2012. It is actually probably a good time for our country, for us to rethink the environment, politics, lifestyles, and the way we live and raise a family.

Whether you consider yourself as a prepper, a seeker for the simpler self-sufficient lifestyle, or an environmentalist, Cottage Craft Works probably has you covered with all types of back-to-basics self-sufficient off-grid products.

Stores such as Cottage Craft Works provide a wide network across many Amish communities and other small cottage industries that still make the old time products used before the grid reached some of the most remote country side areas.

It would take years of traveling the back roads to find some of these products; in fact that is how Cottage Craft Works began. With a passion for living self-sufficient, the owners have spent over 30 years traveling the back roads to find self-sufficient products. Over this time they developed many business relationships with the Amish and other small business and cottage based businesses. This network of cottage based vendors is what makes them so unique, providing some of the highest quality durable products that can be found anywhere.

Take a look at this unique online old time general store. People often remark visiting Cottage Craft Works is like taking a tour of an early Sears Roebuck and Company Catalog.

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